Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Spiritglass Charade

The Spiritglass Charade is stunning. Everything I look for in a wonderful book and more.

Once again the crown has need of someone who can easily go unnoticed so Miss Holmes and Miss Stoker are called upon by the Princess Bertie to help her dear friend Willa avoid being locked away for hallucinations of her dead mother and missing brother.

In typical Holmes fashion Miss Holmes is determined to use science to debunk the mystery of Willa receiving messages from her deceased mother and missing brother. Once again Mina can get blindsided by science always have an answer and totally caught up in wanting to prove how everything occurs. While some people may see this is annoying I like it. It suits Mina and her desire to prove to her father and uncle (Sherlock Holmes) that a female can be just as good with deductions as a male. Mina still lacks social grace for the most part and while it gets her into trouble at times I find it makes her all the more endearing. 

Miss Stoker continues to be rash and desires to use her vampire hunting skills to keep Willa safe while taking out the UnDead if she is able to. Evaline burns with the desire to kill her first vampire and prove to herself she belongs with vampire hunters. Having more money then Mina Evaline is a bit better at social affairs since she is forced to attend them however strolling along a dark street hunting the UnDead is more her style. The Spiritglass Charade seemed a bit unbalanced between the perspectives and it felt like Evaline got less told from her point of view. 

Inspector Greyling made a few appearances and I defiantly want to see more of him. The way Grayling interacts with Miss Holmes always has me laughing. Despite being in two books I still feel like I barely know Grayling and I hope that changes.

Pix once again was awesome. The way Pix spoke to Evaline and interacted with her had me wanting more. At first glace a common pickpocket is all Pix appears to be however with the things he knows and the way he gets respect in the underground Pix is clearly a force to be reckoned with. The Spiritglass Charade set things up to indicate Pix is part of something big so I hope it is revealed in The Chess Queen Enigma.

Dylan was barely in the story despite playing a large roll. Normally stories that have time travelers are not my things but Dylan works with the story well. While Dylan does want to get home he also seems to want to establish somewhat of a life in London. I find this makes Dylan a more believable character. I hope more is revealed about Dylan in future books. 

The writing was stunning and painted a vivid picture of London done in a steampunk style. I loved it, the perfect amount of detail to keep the story moving. The interactions among all the characters was well done and believable.

Since Stoker and Holmes is my first venture into the steampunk genre I cannot really compare it to anything else but I do want to try something else that is considered steampunk. I eagerly await the release of The Chess Queen Engima.

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