Thursday, August 6, 2015

Becoming Alpha

Becoming Alpha is never a book I would have chosen to read but since it came with another book I wanted to read I figured I would try it out.

Werewolf and vampire books make me take several steps back and grimace ever since Twilight was released and ruined the genre for me. Therefore I was shocked at how much I enjoyed Becoming Alpha.

Tessa is awesome I love how she never accepts things for how they are and just ignores the answer that is how it has always been. All her life Tessa has had visions from touching people and things other people have touched. Scared of her ability she has never had a friend other then her brother. Just as her senior year of high school is about to start her parents announce they are moving to Texas to give Tessa a chance at a normal school year. Nervous but excited Tessa starts trying to make friends but when a first kiss goes wrong Tessa realizes she had no clue how close to abnormal she was.

I actually read ninety five percent of Becoming Alpha in one sitting which is rare for me. While part of it could have been I was sick and could not sleep the other part was getting to the end of the chapter and just having to know what happens next. Since I do not actively purse werewolf and vampire genre books several things did surprise me but that could be due to lack my of knowledge on the subject overall.

I hope to read Avoiding the Alpha soon.

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