Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mortal Heart

Mortal Heart was my favorite of the trilogy. While the first couple chapters were a bit slow to start the series had a wonderful ending.

Annith was an interesting character while it was clear she had a dark past Annith never tried to let it rule her instead she fought her hardest to server the God Death. Unfortunately for Annith the God of Death never seemed to want her to do anything for him and thus she continued to struggle to prove herself worthy. Normally I have issues when a character shows so much growth in such a short amount of time but with Annith it all fell into place and she did have issues over growing just not major break down issues since she did not have time for them. I liked Annith so much I wish there was another story about her.

Balthazaar was just plain awesome. I loved the mystery with him and while I was able to figure out his secret early on it was never odd that Annith stayed in the dark about Balthazaar and the mystery with him. The tension between Annith and Balthazaar was totally believable along with all their interactions. 

While Mortal Heart is a long book I read about seventy percent of it in one sitting without really realizing it. Robin LaFevers is an amazing story teller and I love how she interwove history with her own ideas. I hope Robin LaFevers continues to write and I look forward to reading new creations by her.

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