Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Shadow Revolution

The Shadow Revolution was a recommendation from Marie at Pages to Explore.

I liked and yet did not like The Shadow Revolution, I wish it had focused more on the steampunk aspects since that was the genre I was wanting to read.

Simon was an interesting character but in a way I feel like I did not even get to know him. While Simon was referred to as a playboy that part of him was never really shown nor do I feel like I really know much of anything about him except he can use Aether.

It was refreshing to see Kate as a woman who could take care of herself but also in need of help at times. I did like how she Kate got caught up in her work and forgot about everything else around her.

Malcolm just came off as a bit of a generic monster hunter character to me. Nothing I would not see in another book dedicated to hunting monsters.

While the plot moved along quickly I am just not sure I liked the pacing or the development of the characters. That could change since it is a trilogy and maybe the authors just wanted to introduce the characters. My other big issue was I kept comparing The Shadow Revolution to Full Metal Alchemist, much of the components were the same. While I did not dislike The Shadow Revolution I was not excited about it enough to rush out and get the second book.

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