Monday, February 2, 2015

The Testing - The Testing #1

I started reading The Testing before I heard everyone call it a Hunger Game rip off. Oddly enough I did see not see things that way. Maybe I have not read enough dystopian young adult to make a comparison but I am unable to compare The Testing to another book or see it as a rip off.

Cia was awesome, I loved her personality and how she actually struggled with what she was doing. Sure she wanted to pass the test but she did not want to give up her humanity in order to pass. Her relationship with Tomas is also believable, they have known each other all their lives and she always found him handsome it would make sense for her to be open and trusting with Tomas. Despite being warned many times not to trust anyone that always seems to be a problem for Cia and I hope that never changes about her.

Since things are told from Cia's point of view very little is mentioned about Tomas except for what Cia observes. I did get the impression Tomas is used to using his good looks to get what he wants and could possibly have a temper if he is told no or does not get his way.

The writing was smooth and well done. While The Testing did not have too much of a cliffhanger ending I am eager to read Independent Study.

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