Monday, February 23, 2015

Independent Study - The Testing #2

I enjoyed Independent Study even more than The Testing.

Cia is awesome and constantly learning from her mistakes. Despite dealing with her memories of The Testing having been erased Cia knows things are not what they seem and wants to find the truth to what is going on around her. This is not always easy since most of what is happening is a test within a test. It is not always easy to see the answers and while Cia does struggle with some of the tests she is clearly one to think outside the box. Even with the intense pressure that continue to be piled on Cia grows and excels at the challenges present.

Thomas was not in Independent Study much since he was put in a different field of study and even though he was not my favorite character from The Testing I did miss having him around. With all that is going on it is unclear whether or not Thomas can be trusted, while he does go out o his way to look like he is keeping Cia safe he also keeps secrets from her.

The writing was well done and it is nice to not have to deal with any love triangles. I am eager to read Graduation Day.

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