Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Deputy's Duty - Fitzgerald Bay #6

The Deputy's Duty was all I hoped it would be and then some.

Meghan is desperate to find out the secrets that are buried in Fitzgerald Bay starting with who killed her cousin Olivia and bringing her cousin's murder to justice. Things quickly become complicated for Meghan when Deputy Chief Ryan Fitzgerald enters the picture. Having escaped an abusive marriage Meghan does not trust men and trusts the Fitzgeralds who she feels betrayed her cousin even less. Unfortunately for Meghan through a series of events she has to work with Ryan or risk being left out while the investigation is carried out.

Ryan Fitzgerald is the oldest of the Fitzgerald siblings and use to being in charge and seeing as how Meghan is pushy and demanding answers he is not really sure how to deal with it at first. Plus he has the stress of tying to solve Olivia's murder.

The relationship between Meghan and Ryan stared in a previous book in the series but until The Deputy's Duty it was not obvious that they had feelings for each other. One of the best parts is how they are both scared to admit what they are feeling for each other and just sort of retreat into themselves about how they are feeling toward the other.

Each book in the Fitzgerald Bay series was written by a different author and it was nice seeing the different styles of each author. However what I really liked about the series was the set up of how the case of Olivia's murder was handled among each book. Clues were given which could have suggested several different people and reasons. When the truth was finally revealed a couple parts took me by surprise which was also nice.

Terri Reed has a nice writing style and I adored how everything was kept Pg13.

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