Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fire - Graceling Realm #2

Fire was not what I expected it was going to be at all. I was severely disappointed in everything about Fire.

Since Fire is part of the Graceling series I expected it to be about someone who was Graced and was disappointed to learn Fire is a monster-human. It is never explained well what a monster-human is. The monster angle came out of no where as well, no where in Graceling were monsters mentioned just normal animals so it was odd suddenly having raptor monsters in the story.

Fire is one of the worst written characters I have ever seen. She has no personality at all, acts entitled all the time, and even though she is not a flirt has no problem doing things that will encourage men to want to pursue her. It was like she was oblivious to the feelings she caused in other people.

Archer was annoying as well. Other then his lust for Fire and wanting to marry her I saw nothing else to him.

The writing was not well done either. It was slow, confusing, boring, choppy, and did not flow at all. I am to disappointed in Fire I am not even sure I will try Bitterblue even though I loved Bitterblue in Graceling. 

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