Sunday, February 8, 2015

Graceling - Graceling Realm #1

Graceling was not what I was expecting at all but it did not turn out to be a bad thing.

Katsa was one amazing character, feared as the King Randa's fighting Graceling Katas has a reputation that precedes her almost everywhere. Despite King Randa's determination to keep Katsa feared throughout the land and under control Katsa begins to question what she is doing and balking at the missions she is given. Then when conducting a mission of Katsa's own desire she runs into another Graceling who is graced with fighting, not only does Prince Po change Katsa's outlook on life but also of herself.

Prince Po was an interesting character and his relationship with Katsa was believable. Unlike Katsa he came from a country where Gracelings were not seen as property and were often admired for their Grace. This gave Prince Po a very different outlook on life then Katsa.

I did have some issues with the writing. It went from Katsa's point of view to third person at random times. This change threw off the flow of the writing at times and it really did not fit into the story suddenly doing something in third person.

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