Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Once Upon A Time: Red's Untold Tale

I am a huge fan of Once Upon A Time so when I saw Red's Untold Tale I could not resist reading it. Sadly I was disappointed overall.

I expected more from Red, in the show Red was willful and determined none of that really came across in Red's Untold Tale. Instead Red was a meek character who was clearly fearful of her Granny's wrath. While this fit for the flashbacks where Red was thirteen it did not work well when she was seventeen and going about her life. Parts seemed highly repetitive as well and I kept wondering if I had read that part already. I did like how it was displayed how much Red loved her Granny. The other part I liked was the hints of other fairy tales mentioned in the form of stories. I thought it was a creative way to add more of the show into the book.

The writing was alright, it was repetitive and the real action did not start to occur until the end of the book. The best part is the lovely cover and idea of a fun story. I doubt I will give another Once Upon A Time story a try since Red's Untold Tale was so dry. 

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