Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Phoenix Rising

I really wanted to love Phoenix Rising since I have been struggling to find a good steampunk series. Having heard nothing but amazing things bout Pip Ballantine and tee Morris's writing I took a chance and asked the local library to get a copy of Phoenix Rising. Sadly it was all I could to do to make it to the halfway point before just skimming to the end.

Eliza Braun is far from a proper woman and loves dynamite. I wanted to fall in love with Eliza and she is the reason I kept trying to enjoy the story. I really disliked the story line so much I cannot really think of what to write about Eliza.

Wellington Books came off as a fun character who Eliza would have tons of fun turning into a rebel but I did not really see that happen. Instead Wellington was kind of boring and felt like he was not fleshed out as a character. Instead put in to be more comic relief in parts.

Overall I did not end up caring about the characters or what was happening to the people in London. It was steampunk and did pull in aspects of traditional steampunk but the overall story line was not to my taste. I will not be continuing the series.

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