Friday, May 1, 2015

Night of the Soul Stealer - The Last Apprentice #3

Night of the Soul Stealer continues the story of Thomas Ward and his apprenticeship to the local Spook.

With winter fast approaching it is time for the Spook and Tom to head to the Spook's winter house. Upon arrival at the winter house Tom is shocked to learn that it is full of witches and once again he shares his dwellings with creatures of the dark.

Thomas is one awesome character, despite knowing his duty as the Spook's apprentice he is still a thirteen year old boy and that shows a lot. Despite his problems in the previous books Tom continues to keep secrets from the Spook and tries to solve problems on his own. This just causes things to blow up and make more problems for Tom. However Tom is getting to the point where he thinks harder about what to do and several times I thought he was going to ask the Spook for help and I hope he gets to that point one day. 

Alice is still a bit of a mystery. Continuing to walk the line between good and bad it is hard to get an overall feel for Alice which makes her feel a lot more real in several ways. I really wish that some of the story was told from her point of view even though Alice is not shy about speaking her mind I want to know more about the way she sees things.

I enjoyed the writing and the flow of the story. Night of the Soul Stealer was a bit darker then the previous books but everything is well thought out and nothing was confusing or left me wondering what happened.

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