Monday, May 11, 2015

Greed - The Seven Deadly Sins #2

While I do not feel Greed is as riveting and as much an emotional roller-coaster as Vain I still took a lot from the story.
Spencer started out as an a typical rich kid, a Father and Mother who gave Spencer everything and then some. Never once did Spencer seem to appreciate the lifestyle his parents provided for him or his younger sister Bridget. For Spencer everything was about him and what he wanted which was lots and lots of money. Thankfully that side of Spencer did not stay dominant for long. Upon learning that Bridget is pregnant Spencer takes charge by standing up to his Father and whisking Bridget away so she can keep her unborn child. Seeking refuge on a ranch in Montana Spencer starts to realize that money cannot buy everything.

Cricket was an interesting character who totally lived up to her potential. Often Cricket seemed like she belonged in a different era and normally that bothers me but it never came across as forced or out of place in the story and it was refreshing to see an out of place character fit into a story so well. At times I did have some issues with the way Cricket was so secretive but once I learned Cricket's secrets I see why things were done the way they were.

Their was a love triangle which I am never a fan of but the love triangle in Greed was well done and totally believable. If more love triangles were done in this style I would not dislike them so much.

Even though I gave Greed five stars I was not overly fond of the parts where Spencer was dreaming. I get that they were suppose to show how Spencer let Greed rule his life but they felt out of place at times and often too long. Despite this I look forward to reading Fury.

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