Monday, May 11, 2015

Judge and Jury

Judge and Jury is a fast paced thriller that had me eagerly turning pages to find out what happened next.

Andie DeGrasse is a typical mom trying to make a career and raise her son when she is called in for jury duty. Little does Andie know that it is trial of the century for  mob boss, Dominic Cavello who has no intention of doing time for the numerous murders he ordered over the years. 

FBI special agent Nick Pellisante has made it his calling to bring down Cavello no matter the cost. Determined to see justice brought to Cavello Nick walks the line between legal and illegal as he attempts to outwit Cavello and keep civilians safe. 

The writing was fast paced and to the point which I liked. I also liked that the chapters are shorts just a couple pages at most which is a nice change. Mature content was included with intimate scenes and some blood/gore.

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