Monday, May 11, 2015

The Fool - Virutal Arcana 0

The Fool is a serial style book so it is a short read. Since it was short I am still a bit unsure about everything. Very little beyond meeting the characters was mentioned but I would like to learn more.

Kelsey is a seventeen year old girl who loves books and coffee unfornantly for her books are extremely rare and caffeine intake is limited by a bracelet that monitors how much a citizen is allowed to drink every day. Go over that amount and government officials come calling to see why. Fear of breaking the rules keeps Kelsey in line and she does her best to make sure her sister follows the rules as well.

Keekee, Kelsey's twin sister, is the opposite of Kelsey in almost every way. Hooked on virtual gaming Keekee will do almost anything to play a video game which is against the law. Due to Keekee obsession with virtual games the family has had to move to the last providence in the nation that is not filled with government puppets Get caught breaking the law one more time and it is brainwashing for Keekee so she can work as a government agent catching other rule breakers yet despite this Keekee does not seem to care too much and pretty much continues trying to do what she wants so she comes off as selfish.  

Xander is still a mystery and I do like that about him. He conveniently shows up at the right place at the right time so it almost seems like he sought out Kelsey. 

The major downfall of The Fool is instant love. It is unbelievable and annoying, while it did annoy me seeing it in The Fool thankfully it was not a huge focus however I am fairly sure it will continue into the next book and continue to annoy me. 

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