Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Perfect Ruin - The Internment Chronicles #1

The lovely cover is what drew me to Perfect Ruin and if I had not paid money for Perfect Ruin I doubt I would have finished it. The story moved super slow and contained a ton of fluff. 

Morgan was a horrible character who just relied on everyone else to do everything for her including thinking. Never once did she rely on her own strength instead she always turned to her betrothed Basil or her best friend Pen. For at least the first half of the book the story was all about Morgan questioning her sanity and pretty much the same thoughts repeated over and over. When something actually happened with Morgan she was super lucky and always got out of it unscathed.

Basil was nothing more then the shield for Morgan. He clearly loves her with all the stuff he put up with and his constant desire to protect Morgan. 

Pen was an okay character. While she did not dream of the ground she did not conform to rules of Internment well and constantly questioned authority. 

Lex was the most interesting character by far. As a young boy his urge to peer over the edge drew him to break the rules and take a peek. The price his eyesight and this not only put Lex in darkness physically but also mentally. Lex obviously has many demons and hopefully he is more of a focus in the rest of the series.  

Since the story did pick up towards the end I would consider reading the next book in the series. While fluffy the writing was nice and I loved specific parts of the book just for the flow of the words and the beautiful way they fit together. 

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