Monday, October 27, 2014

Messenger - The Giver Quartet #3

I was eager to read Messenger but it turned out to be a let down.

The writing was lovely like all of the writing in Lowry's books I have read but the plot just did not do it for me. Everything started out strong and wonderful but then it seemed to sort of move away from the path that Lowry started down onto a different path that I did not care for much. While I understand Lowry's work is an allegory Messenger's hidden meaning went over my head.

Matty was an interesting character but I do not like how everything turned out with him. The way Matty was portrayed was creative yet the final arc with him was just a disappointment for me at least.

My favorite part was the mention of Gabe in the very begining. I liked Gabe in The Giver a lot so it was nice to see a few sentences about him.

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