Monday, October 20, 2014

Enchanted Inc. - Enchanted Inc. #1

The first thing that drew me to Enchanted Inc. was the cover. I love it and even better the cover fits the story.

Katie was an amazing character and the way she dealt with everything going on in her life was priceless. It is even touched upon in the story how most people cannot deal with seeing things that should not be happening and have a mental breakdown from it. The way Katie dealt with what she was seeing was believable.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the array of side characters. They were all interesting and even though the story did not focus on them the interactions they shared with Katie gave the reader a glimpse of who they are. The one downfall I can see possible love triangles occurring in later stories since Katie was working with several single men around her age that were all attractive to her in some way.

The writing was just fun. If there were annoying grammar mistakes I did not notice them since I was so adsorbed in the story itself.

Seeing all the funny little things from fairy tales and old sayings incorporated into the story just made me enjoyed Enchanted Inc. all the more.

I definitely want to read the second book in the series.

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