Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creatures of the Night Book Tag

One of my favorite bloggers was curious to know what I would choose for this tag.

1. Vampire

Unfortunately I cannot think of a single vampire book I have ever read. One day I will have to change that.

2. Werewolf

Since I have only read one werewolf book that I can recall My Wolf's Bane is the winner. I actually enjoyed My Wolf's Bane a good deal and am wanting to read more in the series. It is a pure romance book with bits of action in parts.

3. Zombie

Once again I cannot recall ever having read a single zombie book.

4. Ghost

While I am fairly sure I have read several books with ghosts in them the only one that I can recall is Spirited. The beginning was definitely better then the end and it was predictable at times but I loved how no matter what Jules went through she never stopped trying to help people or ghosts/spirits.

5. Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster

 No competition in this category, hands down for me it is The Eye of the World. Stunning, compelling, with layer upon layer of plot developments. I consider it a true masterpiece of the written word. 

6. Fairy/Fae

Glimmerglass is my fae choice. Even though I have mixed feelings about the series as a whole Glimmerglass was an amazing start to what could have been an epic series.

7. Demon

I have not read too many demon books but Eramane immediately comes to mind. While it is never totally stated what Eramane is I feel that demon describes her well. The drawback to Eramane is that it scared me so badly I have no desire to read the sequel. 

8. Angel

 I have not read many books with angels in them but of the few I have read the only one that stood out to me was Hush Hush. While I did find a few parts unbelievable with interaction between Nora and Patch I still ending up loving the story. 

9. Alien

 While it has been many years since I read Acorna: The Unicorn Girl in no way have I forgotten it. I need to re-read the whole series. 

10. Superpowered Human

 Hands down, Steelheart. While the main character lacks super powers plenty of characters have awesome super powers. I loved the way the tables are turned and how the people with the super powers are not the good guys coming to save the day. 

Those are my picks. First time doing something like this so thanks for bearing with me. Have a fun and happy Halloween everyone!  

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