Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

The super adorable puppies on the cover drew me to The Twelve Dogs of Christmas in the early hours this morning. Sadly the mention of dogs and Christmas was barely existent. If not for the main character complaining about decorating the tree I would never have known it was Christmas time.

Andy Carpenter is a defense attorney and when the local lady, Pups, who takes in puppies to raise until they are old enough to find homes is being harassed by the city for too many dogs in her residence Andy takes up the case. Quickly the tides turn and Pups finds herself the key suspect in a murder case Andy has to figure out what is going on and save an innocent woman from going to prison.

I wanted the story to fit the cute cover which it sadly did not. Andy mentioned walking his dogs several times but still I wanted more puppies and more Christmas. The puppies holding the key to the mystery would have been nice. Lots of ends were left undone and I am not sure if that is because this is a series or the author just did not feel the need to explain. The writing as well done and it never felt like I was reading fluff. Andy had extremely interesting thought processes that were well laid out and fun to read. Despite lacking the Christmas flare I would consider reading another Andy Carpenter mystery I just know now to expect much of the cute details.

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