Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery

Sadly Slavery is not a thing of the past and still happens in many different forms. Enslaved tells the accounts of seven different people who were subjected to slavery and one person who was born a slave holder but turned to abolition.

The stories all varied and were on different subjects showcasing the different forms of slavery that exist to this day. At times Enslaved was hard to read and brutally painful to imagine that someone would do those thing to another human being. I choose Enslaved in hopes that I would better understand how slavery is still occurring in the world today and ways I can step up to help stop it. Despite the last chapter being ways to help stop slavery I do not feel that Enslaved was the best choice for learning about ways to stop slavery. It felt more like Enslaved is a starting point on learning more on the subject. Knowing what people have to deal with, even children, have me wanting to read more on the subject especially books that have proactive ways in which I can help make a difference.

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