Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mistletoe Murder

I got sick Sunday and have been sleeping a lot but I woke up around one this morning and was unable to go back to sleep so I checked out a couple books on my Nook. Since Christmas is a handful of days away I was excited to see a Christmas themed book on the main page of the library. Mistletoe Murder did not feel overly Christmassy to me though.

Last year I believe I read a Lucy Stone mystery and did not really care for it. While not really having anything to do with Christmas I did at least enjoy Mistletoe Murder. Working for a local catalogue company Lucy is falling asleep and goes outside for some fresh air to perk herself up. Oddly she hears a car running and finds it odd since it is late at night and all her coworkers are in the building she just left. Rushing to check the car she finds the owner of the business deceased.

My biggest complaint about Lucy Stone stories that I have read is far too much filler. Lots of things I do not care about and I tend to just skim filler chapters since they do not move the story forward in anyway at all. Besides that I did like Mistletoe Murder it was a fun and fast read.

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