Friday, December 16, 2016

The Safe-Keeper's Secret

I was not really sure what style of story I was getting when I started The Safe-Keeper's Secret and now that I have finished it I am still not really sure what the story was trying to present.

Fiona is the daughter of the local Safe-Keeper, a person charged with keeping secrets from those needing to talk to someone. I sort of took them as therapists in a medieval sense. Since it is typical for a child of a Safe-Keeper to take up the mantel Fiona aspires to make that her career. 

Meanwhile her spirited brother (in name only), Reed does not know what he wants to do. Have been left with the Safe-Keeper as an infant Reed is anxious to learn who his parents are and is always restless. 

Safe-Keepers were not the only class, Shinn also introduced truth tellers, dream makers, and a version of a witch. I think the truth teller was my favorite and I would like to know more about them. It does seems a book was written about truth tellers but centering around different characters.

The dream maker was another interesting idea, someone who makes wishes come true by being near but is cursed with atrociously horrible luck. Only one dream maker exists in the kingdom at a time so it is position of high honor.

The story was an easy read and I did enjoy it but overall I am not really sure what I read. Despite reading a couple hundred pages I am not sure I could even tell someone the plot line. However I would consider reading another tale with these job classifications since they were so unique for me.

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