Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Mechanica was a wonderful find at the bookstore before it closed. While a retelling of Cinderella some new stuff is introduced and it is a bit of fantasy with steampunk. I adored the combination of the two and I really hope that Betsy Cornwell writes a companion book or a second book with the same characters.

 Nicolette, better known as Nick, is a young girl who loses both her parents. After the death of her inventor mother Nick's father gets rid of any trace of her inventions leaving Nick with almost no reminders of her mother. Upon the death of her father Nick is turned into a servant in her own house. Lucky for her she does have some help, a mysterious note appears under her door on the sixteenth birthday leading her to her mother's wondrous workshop. With a chance for freedom Nick will summon all her courage and learning to make the most of her situation. 

I really liked Nick she was strong willed despite years of abuse from her step mother and sisters. Instead of letting it break her she adsorbed it and grew stronger because of it. Nor does Nick depend on someone else to come rescue her, she wants to rescue herself. I did have a couple problems with the story, key elements were left out. This makes me wonder if a squeal or companion story is being written explaining some of the things in the story.  However since Mechanica is an older book I do not feel this is the case. :(

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