Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Carol Murder

Christmas Carol Murder is another Lucy Stone story and it is a lot farther in the series then I realized.

Working at the Pennysaver newspaper Lucy is in on all the news and at the scene of every big scoop. When the local scrooge is blown up with a mail bomb disguised as a festive Christmas package Lucy is determined to find out who is sending deadly mail. The recession is hitting hard and with many suspects all more disgruntled then the last Lucy has to call on every instinct and trick she has learned to stop the bomber before they strike again.

Leslie Meier's writing has improved drastically since the first book in the series. I still do have some issues with too much fluff and filler that I do not care about. Maybe it is because I have not read the series in order that I wince every time a luncheon or gathering with lots of Lucy friends occur. It was a fun fast read to help get my mind on Christmas.

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