Monday, October 10, 2016

Touch of Frost

The dazzling cover piqued my interest in Touch of Frost. Drawn to the cover I downloaded a sample on my Nook and was immediately hooked. Lucky for me the library had a copy in so I did not even have to wait.

Gwen Frost has had a normal life until the death of her mother, pulled out of her school she is enrolled in Mythos Academy. Hurting over the death of her mother, the loss of all her friends, and confused about her new school Gwen is a loner and a outcast until she stumbles upon the body of the most popular girl in school. Despite the teachers shielding the student body from the horrible details of the girl's death Gwen is determined to find the truth.

I had a couple issues with Touch of Frost. The writing was just plain bad in parts, the farther I read the better things got but it took far too long for anything to be revealed which was frustrating. Literally it was three pages of what is going on then wham out of no where forty pages of everything being thrown at you at all at once. Another major issue for me was the repetitive writing, I kept checking to see if I had read that part before. Way too much use of the words "gypsie gift" and with how touchy people are about slurs I am not sure that was the best terms to describe Gwen's powers. Despite these flaws I do hope to continue the Mythos Academy series.

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