Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bubble World

Bubble World was very different then what I expected. I chose it blindly from a bargain bookshelf at the local bookstore since the cover looked interesting.

Freesia has it all, good looks, amazing clothes, perfect family, friends, and a stunning island life. Sadly for her none of it is real, instead she is in a virtual reality school. When her life starts to glitch Freesia is beyond confused as to what is happening. Despite living a virtual reality world for several years and then being back in the real world suddenly Freesia did not really lose it. I did find her character extremely shallow and two dimensional. All Freesia cared about was pretty people and clothing.

Sadly Bubble World was not my favorite. I found the main character unbelievable and the side characters were painfully underdeveloped. The writing was majorly confusing in the start, I did not know what was going on half the time. Several words were invented for Bubble World and it took me a bit to figure them all out. The ending was predictable and anti-climatic. 

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