Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kiss of Frost

Kiss of Frost is the squeal to Touch of Frost and I am happy to say I enjoyed it immensely. Thankfully the writing and the character development picked up so I am glad I continued with the series.

Gwen is now Nike's champion and being hunted by a Reaper. Unsure of who she can trust and lacking pretty much any fighting ability Gwen works at staying alive. Not wanting to be alone at Mythos academy while the students go to the annual winter festival Gwen relucantly tags along with her best friend. Instead of fun games and yummy food Gwen is playing a deranged game for her very life.

I had major issues with the writing in most of Touch of Frost and happily the writing was a lot more enjoyable. Instead of every other word being "gypsy gift" or "gypsy girl" new words were introduced describing Gwen's power and it was not shoved down the reader's throat. I look forward to reading Dark Frost.

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