Thursday, November 19, 2015

No Quest for the Wicked

No Quest for the Wicked was just as fun, exciting, and well written as previous books in the Magic Inc series.

Katie continues to work hard for Magic Inc but is bored with her job which has become a little dull since Owen lost his magic. Knowing Owen is most likely having problems adjusting to the magic loss Katie tries her best to be there for him and keep her dull job woes to herself. Luckily for Katie dull does not last long about Magic Inc. and soon Katie is face to face with Mimi her old boss. I loved that Mimi was finally explored as a character.

Without a doubt Mimi is one of my favorite "villains" since I am sure people have to deal with someone like that on occasion so it is hilarious to see the evil boss get some payback.

I eagerly await my chance to read the next and I believe final book in the Magic Inc series. My only hope is that it does not take a year to get from the library.

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