Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maggie for Hire

At first I was reluctant to read Maggie for Hire, the cover did not appeal to me much and the description did not pull me in that much.

Maggie is one awesome character and she does not take any nonsense from anyone. Working as a bounty hunter Maggie is used to handling things her way and taking down anything nasty that gets in her way. When an elf shows up with a mission for her Maggie quickly jumps on the offer until she realizes the elf accompanying her is part of the deal. For some reason Maggie has a thing against elves, the only reason I could think of was that she could not stand the way elves talked. I wish it had been explained a bit better.

Killian is one awesome side character, I love how he is not just a genetic elf. Despite knowing the job is dangerous Killian is determined to go with Maggie and I love how he backs her up instead of just trying to send her off to hide. A few things Killian did confused me and I am not sure if it was weak character development, some elf custom, or if he is just wacky that way. 

The writing was fun, the dialogue priceless (the language was strong at parts), and I want more. I was severely disappointed when I went to  buy the second book and it is not available on the Nook. Foolish to give the first book away on the Nook as a promotion and not have the rest of the books available on the Nook.

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