Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Don't Know Jack is not the type of book I usually go for but it was included in a bundle I bought so I decided to give it a try. I am sad to say it felt like a chore to read and I did not overly enjoy any part of the story.

Agent Otto just did not come off as an FBI agent to me, while I do not personally know an FBI agent Otto just seemed easily distracted and in over her head all the time. This drove me crazy and I was so focused on how annoying Otto was that I could not focus on the overall mystery aspect of the plot.

Agent Gaspar was not much better. Even though he had handicaps due to older injuries he chose to ignore them and not inform his partner putting them both at a higher level of risk. Just seemed totally unprofessional and foolish. While Gaspar did seem less distracted then Otto it was hard to get to know him since the story was mainly told from Otto's point of view.

The characters were not the only thing I had issues with, the writing was confusing and jumbled at times. While I get solving mysteries before they are revealed is not my forte the answer to Don't Know Jack's mystery just came out of no where and felt anticlimactic. I do not foresee myself continuing the series or pursing further work by Diane Capri.

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