Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cruel Beauty

Oh the things Cruel Beauty did to my heart. I was not quite expecting the story to be the way it was but I am not complaining. It was lovely and cruel at the same time, the title is one of the most suiting I have ever seen.

Nyx was not the Beauty I was expecting at all. Instead of a lovely, caring, open-hearted person full of love Nyx was bitter and full of vengeance. Sent to the Gentle Lord to be a wife due to a bargain Nyx's father made before she was born Nyx knew from the time she was young she was to die fighting the Gentle Lord. I really wanted to like Nyx but even though she grew on me I was not overly fond of her she was too cruel at times for my liking.

The Gentle Lord was written wonderfully. He was everything I imagined a Demon Lord to be and then some. Despite being the master of deals he did not lie to Nyx nor did he go out of his way to attempt to make deals with her.

The Shade, I had all sorts of thoughts going through my mind about the Shade. I liked and did not like the Shade. I kept figuring the Shade had ulterior motives since Nyx trusted him right off the start which seemed like a bad idea.

The writing was stunning and I definitely want to read more work by Mrs. Hodge just to enjoy her writing style. I did have a couple problems with parts, a few areas were too much like another story and I am not talking just general ideas it was specific in parts thankfully that did not occur too often but it did cause me to give Cruel Beauty a four star rating instead of a five star rating.

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