Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Graduation Day - The Testing #3

Honestly I was not overly impressed with Graduation Day and I believe it was due to having read it so long after the first two books.

Cia grew into herself a lot, instead of letting others decide her fate she stepped up and decided for herself which was nice but since it seemed like everyone else had an ulterior motive she was never able to decide something without hurting someone in the process. This really tore at her and despite that she seemed to handle it well never breaking down. Maybe this was due to the rush of what was happening but it just seemed a bit unbelievable. Same for her bag, it must have been a lot bigger then I envisioned since it managed to hold tons of things no problems at all. However with it being bigger I would imagine that it would cause problems with running and things like that. How Cia carried her belongings just did not seem well thought out at all.

Since the series was told from first person point of view it was impossible to get into the minds of the other characters. This did leave me wondering about a few things that were occurring and I only figured out some of them right before they were revealed.

The writing was pretty much the same as previous books. Smooth transitions and I did not have to re-read to understand parts.

Overall for the end of a trilogy it was average, not something new and exciting but not too cliche either.

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