Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fairest - The Lunar Chornicles #3.5

Going into Fairest I expected to see things from Levana's point of view and grow to understand her a bit more. After finishing it all I can see is how much I underestimated the monster Levana truly is.

From the brief interactions with Levana in the previous books in the Lunar Chronicles I was a bit surprised that Fairest started with Levana as a young teen. So even though it related to the Lunar Chronicles it is told earlier then the series.

Like any teenage girl Levana secretly wanted to be the center of attention but she was given no attention except from her cruel sister Channary, who seemed to live to torment everyone in her life. Oddly enough Levana knows her sister Channary is cruel, mean to the people of Lunar, and a selfish spoiled brat. Overshadowed by her sister Channary, who becomes Queen, Levana goes about her life with a crush on a palace guard and taking upon herself more and more of the affairs of the kingdom while Channary runs around having fun. I would really like to point at a single spot and say that is where Levana becomes cruel but it is not really clear, little things like her attitude towards shells, common people, and her hopes for people dying slowly add up to make her a cruel person that she desperately tries to hide at first. However despite her small kindness to servants, guards, and her sister Channary it is not enough to save Levana from becoming a monster.

By the time I finished reading Fairest I felt sick to my stomach. The things Levana did were more horrific then I could ever have imagined and her justifications for them were just sick.

All in all the book is a quick easy read that has me wishing I had Winter in my hands. I do hope Levana gets what is coming to her.

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