Thursday, January 29, 2015

World of Warcraft: Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde

Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde was not really what I expected it would be. Previous WoW books I have read have been full of non-stop action and heroes saving the day. While Voljin: Shadows of the Horde had plenty of heroes and action it was more about finding one's purpose and embracing the belief of balance in one's life.

Vol'jin was an interesting character, the leader of the trolls of the Horde he was used to being feared, controlling people, and having his way. All this changed when Garrosh Hellscream tried to have him killed. Somehow Vol'jin was able to fight off his attackers and escape where his friend Chen Stormstout found him collapsed and saved his life. Having always depended on the magic of the Shadowhunter's ability to heal Vol'jin never really realized that more to healing then wounds closing. Who he was was lost and he had to figure out his path in life.

Tyrathan, a human hunter, is brought in by the Shado Pan Monks to balance out Vol'jin in his healing. Since the story is really about Vol'jin little is said about Tyrathan when it does not concern him helping Vol'jin find himself. I would love to know more about him since I found him interesting and befriending a troll does not seem an easy thing.

I had a couple problems with the mechanics of the story. It feel unfinished in some ways. I suppose that is how Blizzard wanted it so people would play the game and finish the story in game play however I would have liked a bit more closure for the characters.

While the writing was well done parts did drag a bit in spots and a lot of the action was not spaced out to create a smooth flow for the reader.

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