Friday, January 16, 2015

Firefight - Reckoners #2

This review contains spoilers for Steelheart.

I honestly do not even know how any review I can write will do Firefight justice. Amazing does not even begin to describe everything that occurred in Firefight.

David continued to be awesome as only David can. Despite having killed a High Epic he continues on with life as normal. Steelheart haunted him and with him dead David immediately turns his attention to Firefight or more importantly Megan. In a lot of ways it is like David does not see Megan as a High Epic and I found that intriguing since he lived and breathed learning all he could about Epics and their weaknesses.

Firefight, a mysterious High Epic who managed to infiltrate the Reckoners under Steelheart's orders. Yet Megan did not seem like other epics especially High Epics. Instead of going on killing sprees when she use her powers she got super cranky and moody. Her attitude towards David is totally believable and I loved their interaction. While it was clear they were both attracted to each other the attraction never felt forced and was more awkward as it should be considering what David is.

The overall story was remarkable, well written, fast paced, and thoroughly thought through. So many sequels lose their flow but Firefight did not suffer this dilemma. My only complaint is having to wait until next year to read Calamity. 

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