Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Meet Boys

Months ago I downloaded a sample of How to Meet Boys on my Nook since it was listed as a book I would like. Since I have been doing some heavier books I thought a light read would be nice and just my luck it as my turn to get it from the library. The story is told from dual points of view.

Lucy just wants to escape her home and her overbearing mother who is obsessed with planning her second wedding. Since her Grandparents needs help at their store she quickly jumps on the idea and heads to a small tourist town with her best friend Mikayla.

Mikayla is eager for her job at a club and to spend time with her best friend. Her first day bicycling to her job she is hit by a car. The driver is super cute and worried about her. Immediately taken by him Mikayla works to get closer to the driver only to find out he is the boy who broke Lucy's heart three years earlier.

Several parts were cliche' and predictable but it was a fun light read.

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