Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Double Edge Sword

Since the local bookstore is closing I am stocking up on books and I was immediately drawn to the cover of The Double Edged Sword.

Right away I like the start, a bit of mystery, along with an interesting character who seemed determined to learn more about his past. Fin seems a bit resentful he was discovered as a small baby and baffled by why he was left. Under the guardianship of a judge Fin's life has always been a bit awkward. Attending two different schools, performing a mysterious task on his birthday every year, and never really knowing anything about his guardian. All that changes in an instant though and Fin finds himself thrust into the unknown along with his two best friends.

Sad to say about half way through I started losing interest in the story. Things got too complicated for me. I do enjoy heavy fantasy books but I like them to start out that way and The Double Edged Sword started out simplistic and stayed that way for a good while. Due to that I am not sure if I want to continue the series or not.

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