Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nefertiti's Heart

I am a major fan of steampunk and Egypt so seeing the those two things woven into a book immediately caught my eye. Even more exciting Nefertiti's Heart was a Free Friday book.

Sadly despite my excitement for Nefertiti's Heart I was bored with it and just wanted it to end. Cara drove me crazy I was sort of hoping she would die at the end. I saw no development in her and so many scenes just dragged and it kept feeling like I had read her parts before.

Nathaniel was not much better. I did not care about him or about his quest to pursue Cara. Nate also felt majorly undeveloped and just seemed to be there for a love interest.

Not nearly enough steampunk attributes for me just small mentions of them. Also it was portrayed on Nook as young adult and is not young adult at all, heavy intimate scenes that I did not care for. The writing was boring to me and I wont be continuing the series.

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