Saturday, September 3, 2016


The local bookstore is going out of business so I went in and bought up a bunch of books. The vivid cover is what made me decide to give Starglass a try.

Terra dreams of life outside of living in outer-space and as Asherah, the spaceship she is on, approaches Zehava, the planet her people abandoned earth for five hundred years ago, Terra grows increasingly restless. Anxious from spending all her time in the dome upon the Ashera Terra struggles to feel normal and accept her upcoming responsibilities as an adult. I was not a huge fan of Terra, she felt extremely flat and under developed for most of the story. Terra did seem to pick up a bit as the story progressed so I feel this is a write getting used to a character a bit. 

The pacing was steady, no part felt slow or fast but I did read Starglass fairly quickly considering how busy I am. Despite not caring much about Terra I do find myself terribly curious about what is going to be Terra's fate so I do want to read Starbreak

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