Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Last Star

The Last Star is the final book in the Fifth Wave trilogy.

Cassie has changed so much since the first book not only did she go from thinking she is the last human on earth to thinking humanity will not lose the fight to survive the aliens. Some of Cassie's growth I believed but other parts I was not sure about. Despite being reunited with her little brother Cassie stayed a bit bitter and especially took it out on Evan which bothered me a good deal.

Ben, aka Zombie, did not change too much that I saw. Determined to keep his remaining comrades alive and carry on the memory of those who have fallen Ben carries a heavy burden. Since the death of his sister he has carried an enormous amount of blame over everyone's death.

Markia, aka Ringer, has always been my least favorite character. I never felt she was really needed in the story and just around to have another girl. I did not like her development she just came off as annoying to me.

Sam, aka Nugget, changed a lot but I believed his changes the most. Since he was a young child I could see him changing easily. I did feel bad for him several times. Young enough everyone wants to protect him but old enough to know what is going on and wanting to help.

The writing was a bit choppy since it jumped around a lot. Short chapter and many characters point of view. Overall I thought The Last Star was the weakest of the Fifth Wave books plot wise and  I was not a fan of the ending.