Friday, August 26, 2016

Arabian Nights

I have read previous books by Kathryn Wesley so when I saw Arabian Nights at a second hand store I had to buy it.

The Sultan is plagued with madness ever since his first wife plotted to kill him with his brother. Forced to marry again to stay Sultan he decides he will have his wife killed after one night.

Shahrazad is the daughter of the grand vizar and not about to let any women from the harem be killed for the Sultan's madness. Having known the Sultan all his life she agrees to marry him. Believing that the kind boy still exists Shahrazad starts weaving a story and catching the Sultan's interest. Soon it is morning and the Sultan needs more of the story. 

As far as stories by Kathryn Wesley go this one was not my favorite but it was entertaining. My one complaint is all the names were super similar and started with an S. At times I was trying to figure out if the Sultan or the Sultans brother.

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