Monday, February 15, 2016

Kiss and Spell

Kiss and Spell is the seventh and final book in the Magic Inc series. While I loved the overall ending of the series I was sort of bored with the plot of Kiss and Spell.

Katie has been through an array of incidents, going from being a magical immune, to being normal, to finally having magical powers. I loved how she got to experience it all and Katie seemed to love it as well. Through the series Katie went from thinking she was seeing funky things in New York to learning about a magical world and herself. Throughout her experiences she became a strong confident person who was not afraid to voice her opinion.

Owen is such a cutie, despite being one of the most powerful wizards alive, he is gentle and kind. A major softy who gets embarrassed easily. Even though everything was told from Katie's point of view I feel like I got to know Owen well and learn the struggles he went through with having parents who did not always make the right choices.

Sadly overall the plot of Kiss and Spell was boring and repetitive. Only time I have encountered that in the Magic Inc series but the last chapter made up for everything else. It was just a perfect ending to Katie's story.

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