Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The New Me

I have a really bad habit of taking every Free Friday book on my Nook so I figured it was time I read one. I knew nothing about The New Me going into it. While it was short it was actually a fun read.

Everything started out with a bang, the end was the first chapter in a way yet I did not mind that. It was fun to see the end result and have the transformation revealed that led up to the end. While I am not sure it would work for every type of book it fit The New Me well.

Harriet was a bit blind it seemed, everyone around her seemed to know what was going on with her marriage and majorly immature husband except her. I got the impression Harriet knew subconsciously what was going on but decided it was easier to ignore everything until it blew up.

While I enjoyed The New Me it is not a genre I really want to actively pursue. The writing was smooth and flowed well so it was not a chore to read it in any part.

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