Friday, January 15, 2016


Onyx is the second books in the Lux series. Sadly for me it suffered the dreaded second book syndrome. Parts were annoyingly hard to read.

All I wanted to do throughout Onyx was take Katy and shake her, she was far too gullible and naive. Despite many warnings from Daemon who risked everything to keep her safe Katy shakes off his advice and does what she wants. Not the best thing to do when dealing with unknown alien factors in your life suddenly.

Daemon was really aloof in Onyx but it made sense for him. He was majorly jealous and worried about his family. Despite his issues Daemon stays true to himself and I do like that about him. He is not about to back down and let his family or Katy go into harms way alone.

I was sad that Onyx had less Dee time since I really like Dee. She is a funny character who brings a lot of light and love into the room whenever she is around.

I did notice a couple typos but nothing that kept me from enjoying the book itself. I look forward to reading Opal the next story in the Lux series.

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