Saturday, January 23, 2016


Opposition was an interesting conclusion to the Lux series. Overall the series did not really turn out how I thought I would but I enjoyed it.

Katy has grown so much as a character. I love how Katy is never scared to hide who she is or speak up if she thinks something is not the way it should be. In so many ways I admire her for her courage to be outspoken. A few times I did think some of the things Katy did and said were a bit unbelievable for a teenage girl however it did not ruin my love for Katy as a character.

Daemon started out in the series as a total jerk by the end he was still kind of a jerk. While I don't dislike Daemon he is not one of my all time favorite characters for sure. Several times I just wanted Katy to smack him. However it was inspiring to see Daemon never give up no matter the odds against him.

The writing seemed a bit weaker as the series progressed. Lots more intimate time and less plot in spots. By the time I got to Opposition I was a bit bored reading about Katy and Daemon kissing all the time. Sure they are young and in love but reading about it every few pages got old fast. All in all I am happy I read the Lux series and had a lot of fun journeying with Katy and Daemon on their adventures.

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