Thursday, January 21, 2016


Origin is the fourth novel in the Lux series.

Katy was awesome in Origin, she has grown so much as an individual. Despite all the crazy stuff going in her life Katy holds onto who she is and I adore her for that. Instead of curling into a little ball and losing herself Katy does every single thing she can to fight back. While she always seemed to enjoy a good sarcastic argument with Daemon Katy has turned that into her weapon of choice against Daedalus. 

Seeing things from Daemon's point of view was interesting but I am not a huge fan of it when book series divert from the way the first book is written. Therefore I have mixed feelings about points of view switching back and forth. Makes sense why it happened just not my personal preference. Despite that I did like knowing what Daemon was thinking at times and it gave more insight into who Daemon is developing him further. Instead of a sarcastic jerk who always seems sure of himself Daemon comes off as more sincere and gentle. 

Once again the writing was lovely, elegant, and well done. I loved how new plot twists were added seamlessly despite Opposition being the conclusion to the series. I eagerly look forward to reading Opposition.

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