Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lady's Maid

Even though I was not overly impressed with Lady's Maid I was unable to put it down and stop reading it entirely.

Wilson was not just a maid to Mrs. Barrett but a friend and a confidant. I really liked Wilson at times and other times I did not care for her much. She had a hard life and clearly struggled to make the most of her life. Worshiping her mistress she showed no hesitation in leaving all she knew to make Mrs. Barrette into Mrs. Browning. As for growth I am not really sure Wilson's personality changed just her amount of life experience.

The writing was told in first person past tense and letters. I was not a fan of the writing style at all and I almost quit reading due to it a few times. It was nice to see how someone imagined Mr. and Mrs. Browning life especially through a servants eyes.

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