Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dream Factory

Ever since I read the first few pages of Dream Factory at the bookstore I have been eager to read the whole story. Since I missed my chance of getting it from the bookstore I ordered it from the library.

Disney cast has gone out on strike in an attempt to get dental insurance so a bunch of high school students were brought in to play the role of the characters. Ella is lost and not sure what to do with herself so getting a job at Disneyworld is a good plan for the time being. Cast as Cinderella Ella struggles to embrace the magic of Disneyland.

Mark thought a job at Disneyworld would be the perfect way to escape his family and moving into a family business position. How wrong he was, cast as Dale he hates the costume and all the rules which he never wants to follow.

The premise for the story was awesome and super original but sadly my favorite part was the description on the back and the first chapter. The story just felt too cliche and flat to me. I was hoping for more character development and nothing was really resolved with Ella and her deep sadness.

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