Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Leyla: The Black Tulip

Leyla: The Black Tulip is not my normal style of book. However my Goddaughter has been wanting to read about girls from other lands so I read it thinking she might enjoy it. Leyla is totally age appropriate and I hope to pass it on to my Goddaughter next time I see her.

When Leyla's father disappears during a way Leyla helps in the only way she can selling herself to slavers so her mother and younger siblings will not starve. Scared and alone on the journey Leyla is bought by the Sultan and being mentored by a mute lady in the palace in the art of gardening.

Leyla reminded me of a lot of the American Girl stories, some history and a lot more of the character development. Despite all her tribulations Leyla really came into her own and found her own strength in dealing with what life handed her.

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